Research Fields

Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Topics of research
  • Synthesis, molecular structure and reactivity of novel hypervalent compounds having group 15 and 16 elements
  • Synthesis and property of novel heterocyclic compounds containing main group elements
  • Bio-organometallics: Synthesis and bioactivity of organometallic compounds
  • Kitamura Y, Matsumura M, Kato Y, Murata Y, Yasuike S. Cascade synthesis of 4-arylcoumarins: Pd-catalyzed arylations and cyclizations with (E)-ethyl 3-(2-hydroxyaryl)acrylates and triarylantimony difluorides. Eur. J. Org. Chem., 2020, 1652-1657 (2020). Selected as Very Important Paper (VIP).
  • Murata Y, Terazoe A, Kiba M, Kitamura Y, Matsumura M, Yasuike S. Liebeskind-Srogl-type cross-coupling reaction of azole-2-thiones with triarylbismuthines: Synthesis of 2-arylazoles. Tetrahedron Lett., 61, 152152 (2020).
  • Murata Y, Asano S, Kato R, Kitamura Y, Matsumura M, Yasuike S. Synthesis of 2-(arylsulfenyl)azoles by copper-catalyzed S-arylation of azole-2-thiones with triarylbismuthines. Catal. Commun., 132, 105808 (2019).
  • Kitamura Y, Murata Y, Oguri A, Matsumura M, Kakusawa N, Naka H, Yasuike S. Pd-catalyzed β-selective C-H arylation of thiophenes with triarylantimony difluorides. Asian J. Org. Chem., 8, 138-143 (2019).
  • Kondo K, Matsumura M, Kanasaki K, Murata Y, Kakusawa N, Yasuike S. Synthesis of 2-aryl-3-(arylselanyl)imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines: copper-catalyzed one-pot, two-step Se-arylation of selenium with imidazopyridines and triarylbismuthanes. Synthesis, 50, 2200-2210 (2018). Highlighted as a Front Cover.

Bioorganic Chemistry

  • Shinichiro Kamino, Ph.D.
  • Thoru Obata, Ph.D.
  • Masaru Tanioka, Ph.D.
Topics of research
  • Relationship between bio-functional molecules and cell proliferetion
  • Aplication of photodynamic therapy for cancer therapy
  • Effective usage of natural products and synthetic compounds based on the genomic informations
  • Yamada M, Takahashi T, Hasegawa M, Matsumura M, Ono K, Fujimoto R, Kitamura Y, Murata Y, Kakusawa N, Tanaka M, Obata T, Fujiwara Y, Yasuike S. Synthesis, antitumor activity, and cytotoxicity of 4-substituted 1-benzyl-5-diphenylstibano-1H-1,2,3-triazoles. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters., 28, 152-154 (2018).
  • Kitamura Y, Matsumura M, Murata Y, Yamada M, Kakusawa N, Tanaka M, Okabe H, Naka H, Obata T, Yasuike S. A versatile synthesis of triarylantimony difluorides by fluorination of triarylstibanes with nitrosyl tetrafluoroborate and their antitumor activity. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry., 199, 1-6 (2017).
  • Obata T, Matsumura M, Kawahata M, Hoshino S, Yamada M, Murata Y, Kakusawa N, Yamaguchi K, Tanaka M, Yasuike S. Synthesis, structural characterization and antitumor activity of 2-(di-p-tolylstibano)- and 2-(di-p-tolylbismuthano)-N-p-tolylbenzamide. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry., 807, 17-21 (2016).
  • Mori S, Tokunaga E, Hayashi M, Obata T, Tanaka M, Shibata N. Synthesis and optical properties of fluorine-containing phthalocyanine conjugated with glucofuranose and its application to photo-dynamic therapy. Journal of the Japan Society of Colour Material., 89, 213-216 (2016).
  • Obata T, Suzuki Y, Ogawa N, Kurimoto I, Yamamoto H, Furuno T, Sasaki T, Tanaka M. Improvement of the antitumor activity of poorly soluble sapacitabine (CS-682) by using Soluplus® as a surfactant. Biol Pharm Bull., 37, 802-807 (2014).

Medicinal Resources

Topics of research
  • Pharmacological and biochemical analysis of Kampo medicines effective for lifestyle-related and aging-associated diseases
  • Developmemt of natural compound-derived therapeuitc agents for lifestyle-related and chronic inflammatory/allergic diseases
  • Application of naturally occurring various nuclear receptor agonists to prevention/treatment of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Nakashima K, Yamaguchi E, Noritake C, Mitsugi Y, Goto M, Hirai T, Abe N, Sakai E, Oyama M, Itoh A, Inoue M. Discovery and SAR of Natural-Product-Inspired RXR Agonists with Heterodimer Selectivity to PPARδ-RXR. ACS Chem. Biol., 15, 1526-1534 (2020).
  • Nakashima K, Tomida J, Hirai T, Kawamura Y, Inoue M. Absolute configurations of talaromycones A and B, α-diversonolic ester, and aspergillusone B from endophytic Talaromyces sp. ECN211. Beilstein J. Org. Chem., 16, 290-296 (2020).
  • Hirai T, Mitani Y, Kurumisawa K, Nomura K, Wang W, Nakashima KI, Inoue M. Berberine stimulates fibroblast growth factor 21 by modulating the molecular clock component brain and muscle Arnt-like 1 in brown adipose tissue. Biochem. Pharmacol., 164, 165-176 (2019).
  • Wang W, Nakashima K, Hirai T, Inoue M. Anti-inflammatory effects of naturally occurring retinoid X receptor agonists isolated from Sophora tonkinensis Gagnep via retinoid X receptor/liver X receptor heterodimers. J. Nat. Med., 73, 419-430 (2019).
  • Takagi M, Kimura K, Nakashima K, Hirai T, Inoue M. Induction of beige adipocytes by naturally occurring β3-adrenoceptor agonist p-synephrine. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 836, 67-74 (2018).

Analytical Chemistry and Biophysics

Topics of research
  • Molecular mechanism of immune responses
  • Molecular mechanism of allergic reaction
  • Crosstalk between immune and nervous systems
  • Gene transfection mediated by cationic liposomes
  • Suzuki R, Inoh Y, Yokawa S, Furuno T, Hirashima N. Receptor dynamics regulates actin polymerization state through phosphorylation of cofilin in mast cells. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 534, 714-719 (2021)
  • Inoh Y, Tsuchiya Y, Nakanishi Y, Yokawa S, Furuno T. Involvement of intracellular caveolin-1 distribution in the suppression of antigen-induced mast cell activation by cationic liposomes. Cell Biol. Int., 44, 1068-1075(2020)
  • Inoh Y, Hirose T, Yokoi A, Yokawa S, Furuno T. Effects of lipid composition in cationic liposomes on suppression of mast cell activation. Chem. Phys. Lipids, 231, 104948 (2020)
  • Suzuki R, Inoh Y, Yokawa S, Suzuki R, Furuno T, Hirashima N. Monomer hapten and hapten-specific IgG inhibit mast cell activation evoked by multivalent hapten with different mechanisms. Eur. J. Immunol., 49, 2172-2183 (2019)
  • Shiki A, Inoh Y, Yokawa S, Furuno T. Inhibition of degranulation in mast cells attached to a hydrogel through defective microtubule tracts. Exp. Cell. Res., 381, 248-255 (2019)

Pharmaceutical Engineering

Topics of research
  • Nucleic acid drug delivery with PLGA nanopartcile
  • Development of polymeric micelle and nanoparticle for treatment of biofilm infections
  • Solubility improvement technique for poorly water soluble derugs
  • Evaluation and improvement of physical properties of Moh's paste for cancer therapy
  • Ogawa N, Hiramatsu T, Suzuki R, Okamoto R, Shibagaki K, Fujita K, Takahashi C, Kawashima Y, Yamamoto H. Improvement in the water solubility of drugs with a solid dispersion system by spray drying and hot-melt extrusion with using the amphiphilic polyvinyl caprolactam-polyvinyl acetate-polyethylene glycol graft copolymer and d-mannitol. Eur J Pharm Sci., 111, 205-214 (2018).
  • Ogawa N, Nagase H, Loftsson T, Endo T, Takahashi C, Kawashima Y, Ueda H, Yamamoto H. Crystallographic and theoretical studies of an inclusion complex of β-cyclodextrin with fentanyl. Int J Pharm., 531, 588-594 (2017).
  • Takahashi C, Akachi Y, Ogawa N, Moriguchi K, Asaka T, Tanemura M, Kawashima Y, Yamamoto H. Morphological study of efficacy of clarithromycin-loaded nanocarriers for treatment of biofilm infection disease. Med Mol Morphol., 50, 9-16 (2017).
  • Takahashi C, Matsubara N, Akachi Y, Ogawa N, Kalita G, Asaka T, Tanemura M, Kawashima Y, Yamamoto H. Visualization of silver-decorated poly (DL-lactide-co-glycolide) nanoparticles and their efficacy against Staphylococcus epidermidis. Mater Sci Eng C Mater Biol Appl., 72, 143-149 (2017).
  • Nagane K, Kimura S, Ukai K, Takahashi C, Ogawa N, Yamamoto H. Application of spherical silicate to prepare solid dispersion dosage forms with aqueous polymers. Int J Pharm., 493, 55-62 (2015).

Medicinal Biochemistry

Topics of research
  • Molecular mechanisms of peritoneal dissemination of scirrhous gastric cancers
  • Metabolome analysis for discovering novel molecular targets to inhibit cancer metastasis
  • Development of fused research field of regenerative medicine and cancer stem cells
  • A new approach of cancer therapy via adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells
  • Takei Y. siRNA-based medicine targeting human bcl-xL against cancers. Methods in Molecular Biology, in press (2018).
  • Takei Y, Shen G, Morita-Kondo A, Hara T, Mihara K, Yanagihara K. MicroRNAs regulating epithelial-mesenchymal transition can be targeted to inhibit peritoneal dissemination in human scirrhous gastric cancers. Pathobiology, 85, 232-246 (2018).
  • Takei Y, Suzuki A, Mihara K, Yanagihara K. The microRNA miR-516a-3p regulates the Wnt pathway by targeting extracellular sulfatase 1 in human scirrhous gastric cancers: Anti-metastatic therapy via miRNA-based medicine. Medical Research Archives, 5, 1-19 (2017).
  • Yuan Y, Makita N, Cao D, Mihara K, Kadomatsu K, Takei Y. Atelocollagen-mediated intravenous siRNA delivery specific to tumor tissues orthotopically xenografted in prostates of nude mice, and its anticancer effects. Nucleic Acid Therapeutics, 25, 85-94 (2015).
  • Takei Y. Electroporation-mediated siRNA delivery into tumors. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1121, 131-138 (2014).


Topics of research
  • Rapid detection and diagnosis of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Mechanisms of antibacterial resistance and development of drugs effective on multidrug resistant bacteria.
  • Bacterial pathogens and characteristics of emerging and re-emerging infectious disease.
  • Identification of pathogens related to inflammatory bowel disease and clinical development of their treatment and prevention.
  • Kutsuna R, Tomida J, Morita Y, Kawamura Y. Paraclostridium bifermentans exacerbates pathosis in a mouse model of ulcerative colitis. PLOS ONE, 13, e0197668 (2018).
  • Tomida J, Morita Y, Shibayama K, Kikuchi K, Sawa T, Akaike T, Kawamura Y. Diversity and microevolution of CRISPR loci in Helicobacter cinaedi. PLOS ONE, 12, e0186241 (2017).
  • Kawamura Y, Tomida J, Miyoshi-Akiyama T, Okamoto T, Narita M, Hashimoto K, Cnockaert M, Vandamme P, Morita Y, Sawa T, Akaike T. Proposal of Helicobacter canicola sp. nov., previously identified as Helicobacter cinaedi, isolated from canines. Syst Appl Microbiol, 39, 307-312 (2016).
  • Morita Y, Nakashima K, Nishino K, Kotani K, Tomida J, Inoue M, Kawamura Y. Berberine is a novel type efflux inhibitor which attenuates the MexXY-mediated aminoglycoside resistance in Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Front Microbiol, 7, 1223 (2016).
  • Morita Y, Tomida J, Kawamura Y. Efflux-mediated fluoroquinolone resistance in the multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical isolate PA7: identification of a novel MexS variant involved in upregulation of the mexEF-oprN multidrug efflux operon. Front Microbiol, 6, 8 (2015).


Topics of research
  • Neuropharmacology of neuronal network in respiratory center, cough center and trigeminal spinal tract
  • Regulatory system of synaptic transmission
  • Analysis of respiratory regulation
  • Mizutani Y, Ohi Y, Kimura S, Miyazawa K, Goto S, Haji A. Effects of prostaglandin E2 on synaptic transmission in the rat spinal trigeminal subnucleus caudalis. Brain Research., 1625, 29-38 (2015).
  • Haji A, Kimura S, Ohi Y. Reversal of morphine-induced respiratory depression by doxapram in anesthetized rats. European Journal of Pharmacology., 270, 209-215 (2016).
  • Kodama D, Hirai T, Kondo H, Hamamura K, Togari A. Bidirectional communication between sensory neurons and osteoblasts in an in vitro coculture system. FEBS Letters., 591, 527-539 (2017).
  • Ohi Y, Kodama D, Haji A. L-DOPA inhibits excitatory synaptic transmissions in the rat nucleus tractus solitarius through release of dopamine. Neuroscience. 360, 18-27, 2017.
  • Sato T, Ohi Y, Kato D, Mizuno M, Takase H, Kanamori T, Borlongan CV, Haji A, Matsukawa N. Hippocampal cholinergic neurostimulating peptide as a possible modulating factor against glutamatergic neuronal disability by amyloid oligomers. Cell Transplantation., 26, 1542-1550 (2017).

Pharmaceutical Health Sciences

Topics of research
  • Molecular mechanism of harmful metal toxicity (mainly, cadmium)
  • Clarification of new physiological function of metallothionein
  • Disease prevention through functional regulation of biological protection system using organometals
  • Lee JY, Tokumoto M, Hwang GW, Kim MS, Takahashi T, Naganuma A, Yoshida M, Satoh M. Effect of metallothionein-III on mercury-induced chemokine gene expression. Toxics, 6, 48 (2018).
  • Tokumoto M, Lee JY, Shimada A, Tohyama C, Satoh M. Glutathione has a more important role than metallothionein-I/II against inorganic mercury-induced acute renal toxicity. J. Toxicol. Sci., 43, 275-280 (2018).
  • Lee JY, Tokumoto M, Hwang GW, Lee MY, Satoh M. Identification of ARNT-regulated BIRC3 as the target factor in cadmium renal toxicity. Sci. Rep., 7, 17287 (2017).
  • Lee JY, Tokumoto M, Fujiwara Y, Hasegawa T, Seko Y, Shimada A, Satoh M. Accumulation of p53 via downregulation of UBE2D family genes is a critical pathway for cadmium-induced renal toxicity. Sci. Rep., 6, 21968 (2016).
  • Lee JY, Tokumoto M, Fujiwara Y, Satoh M. Involvement of ubiquitin-coding genes in cadmium-induced protein ubiquitination in human proximal tubular cells. J. Toxicol. Sci., 40, 901-908 (2015).


Topics of research
  • Studies on the pathogenesis of diabetic complications and the development of their treatments based on pathogenic mechanisms
  • Evaluation and development of self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) devices and diabetes education
  • Evaluation and development of insulin injection device and diabetes education
  • Genetic diagnosis of hereditary liver disease (Hemochromatosis, Wilson disease)
  • Motegi M, Himeno T, Nakai-Shimoda H, Inoue R, Ozeki N, Hayashi Y, Sasajima S, Mohiuddin MS, Asano-Hayami E, Kato M, Asano S, Miura-Yura E, Morishita Y, Kondo M, Tsunekawa S, Kato Y, Kato K, Naruse K, Seino Y, Hayashi Y, Nakamura J, Kamiya H. Deficiency of glucagon gene-derived peptides induces peripheral polyneuropathy in mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun., 532, 47-53 (2020)
  • Takami A, Tatsumi Y, Sakai K, Toki Y, Ikuta K, Oohigashi Y, Takagi J, Kato K, Takami K. Juvenile Hemochromatosis: A Case Report and Review of the Literature. Pharmaceuticals, 13, E195 (2020)
  • Tatsumi Y, Kato A, Sango K, Himeno T, Kondo M, Kato Y, Kamiya H, Nakamura J, Kato K. Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids Exert Antioxidant Effects Through the Nrf2 Pathway in the Immortalized Mouse Schwann IMS32 Cells. J Diabetes Invest., 10, 602-612 (2019)
  • Kato A, Tatsumi Y, Yako H, Sango K, Himeno T, Kondo M, Kato Y, Kamiya H, Nakamura J, Kato K. Recurrent short-term hypoglycemia and glucose fluctuation induce apoptosis and oxidative stress via the ER stress response in immortalized adult mouse Schwann (IMS32) cells. Neuroscience Res., 147, 26-32 (2019).
  • Tatsumi Y, Kato A, Kato K, Hayashi H. The interactions between iron and copper in genetic iron overload syndromes and primary copper toxicoses in Japan. Hepatol Res., 48, 679-691 (2018).

Cellular Pharmacology

Topics of research
  • Transcriptional control of TRP channel expression
  • Epigenetical regulation of TRP channel gene
  • Modification of TRP channel function by clinical drugs
  • Yoneda M, Suzuki H, Hatano N, Nakano S, Muraki Y, Miyazawa K, Goto S & Muraki K. PIEZO1 and TRPV4, which are distinct mechano-sensors in the osteoblastic MC3T3-E1 cells, modify the cell-proliferation. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 20 (19), e4960 (2019)
  • Suzuki T#, Muraki Y##, Hatano N##, Suzuki H## & Muraki K#. PIEZO1 channel is a potential regulator of synovial sarcoma cell-viability. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 19 (5), e1452 (2018). #, ##: equal contributions
  • Muraki K, Ohnishi K, Takezawa A, Suzuki H, Hatano N, Muraki Y, Hamzah N, Foster R, Waldmann H, Nussbaumer P, Christmann M, Bon RS & Beech DJ. Na+ entry through heteromeric TRPC4/C1 channels mediates (-)Englerin A-induced cytotoxicity in synovial sarcoma cells. Sci. Rep. 7(1), 16988 (2017).
  • Muraki K, Sekine T, Ando Y, Suzuki H, Hatano N, Hirata T & Muraki Y. An environmental pollutant, 9,10-phenanthrenequinone, activates human TRPA1 via critical cysteines 621 and 665. Pharmacol. Res. & Persp. 5, e00342 (2017).
  • Suzuki H*, Sasaki E#, Nakagawa A#, Muraki Y, Hatano N & Muraki K*. Diclofenac, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, is an antagonist of human TRPM3 isoforms. Pharmacol. Res. & Persp. 4, e00232 (2016). *, #: equal contribution


Topics of research
  • Membrane transporters in pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics
  • Structure, function, and regulation of membrane transporters
  • Personalized and precision medicine
  • Kawasaki T, Shiozaki Y, Nomura N, Kawai K, Uwai Y, Nabekura T. Investigation of fluorescent substrates and substrate-dependent interactions of a drug transporter OATP2B1. Pharmaceutical Research, 37: 115 (2020)
  • Nabekura T, Kawasaki T, Kato Y, Kawai K, Fiorito S, Epifano F, Genovese S, Uwai Y. Citrus auraptene induces drug efflux transporter P-glycoprotein expression in human intestinal cells. Food and Function, 11: 5017-5023 (2020)
  • Uwai Y, Kondo R, Suzuki T, Kawasaki T, Nabekura T. Potent inhibition of biphasic tubular reabsorption of lithium by acetazolamide and foscarnet in rats. Physiological Research, 69: 645-651 (2020)
  • Nabekura T, Kawasaki T, Jimura M, Mizuno K, Uwai Y. Microtubule-targeting anticancer drug eribulin induces drug efflux transporter P-glycoprotein. Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports, 21: 100727 (2020)
  • Uwai Y, Tsuduki M, Kawasaki T, Nabekura T. Effect of acetazolamide on lithium reabsorption and lithium-induced GSK3β phosphorylation in rat kidney. Die Pharmazie - An International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 74:611-613 (2019)

Clinical Pharmacy

Topics of research
  • Pharmaceutical care clinic for improvement of drug therapy outcomes
  • Promotion of self-medication
  • Development of proper dosage forms for patients and evaluation of medicinal taste
  • Osada T, Watanabe N, Asano N, Adachi Y , Yamamura K. Adverse drug events affecting medication persistence with rivastigmine patch application. Patient Prefer Adherence, 12, 1247-1252 (2018).
  • Yamamoto Y, Watanabe H, Sakurai A, Deguchi Y, Hirano S, Okumura Y, Kumon A, Watanabe N, Osada T, Yamamura K, Odagiri T. Effect of continuous intravenous oxycodone infusion in opioid-naive cancer patients with dyspnea. Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology, 48, 748-752 (2018).
  • Watanabe N, Hosokawa S, Osumi Y, Imanishi T, Koga R, Higashi T, Yamada T, Yamamura K. A case of successful concomitant administration of warfarin and uracil-tegafur/leucovorin achieved by self-measurement of INR. Journal of General and Family Medicine, 18, 82-85 (2017).
  • Yamamura K, Yano K, Hirooka Y, Hirashiki A, Murohara T, Yamada K. A Successful Case of a Patient Undergoing Warfarin and S-1 Therapy Using Internet-based Control of Home-measured PT-INR. Yakugaku Zasshi, 135, 925-927 (2015).
  • Nakamura K, Watanabe N, Ohkawa H, Ando M, Ogura Y, Funabiki S, Kume A, Urano K, Osada T, Yamamura K. Effects on caregiver burden of a donepezil hydrochloride dosage increase to 10 mg/day in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Patient Prefer Adherence., 8, 1223-1228 (2014).

Pharmacy Practice and Sciences

Topics of research
  • Investigation of proper administration of medicines
  • Investigation of quality and stability assessment of medicines
  • Interaction between drugs and medical devices
  • Umemura M, Maegawa K, Arai D, Shigeno K, Wakiya Y. Influence of technique used to attach the infusion set to peristaltic finger smart-pumps on dispensing time: an experimental study. J. Pharm. Health. Care. Sci., 4, 8 (2018).
  • Maruyama M, Umemura M. Effect of octreotide acetate on nausea symptoms in terminal cancer in the absence of gastrointestinal obstructions. Jpn. J. Pharm. Palliat. Care. Soc., 10, 105-110 (2017).
  • Umemura M, Arai D, Maegawa K, Shigeno K, Wakiya Y. Factors Influencing the Accurate Administration of Peristaltic Finger Infusion Pumps Attached to Polyvinylchloride Infusion Sets Containing Tris(2-ethylhexyl) trimellitate. Yakugaku Zasshi, 136, 761-767 (2016).
  • Umemura M, Itoh A, Ando Y, Yamada K, Wakiya Y, Nabeshima T. Effects of outside air temperature on the preparation of antineoplastic drug solutions in biological safety cabinets. J. Oncol. Pharm. Pract., 21, 243-248 (2015).
  • Umemura M, Ohno H, Shigeno K, Hatakeyama K, Yano K, Mori S, Wakiya Y. Factors influencing the accuracy of peristaltic finger infusion pump. Jpn. J. Pharm. Health Care Sci., 39, 459-464 (2013).

Clinical Pharmacokinetics

Topics of research
  • Contribution for ensuring effectiveness and safety of medicines in collaboration with hospital and community pharmacies
  • Comparative Study on quality and stability of pharmaceutical products and health foods
  • Investigation on medical evidence of health foods
  • Tsukiyama I, Ejiri M, Yamamoto Y, Nakao H, Yoneda M, Matsuura K, Arakawa I, Saito H, Inoue T. A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Gemcitabine plus Cisplatin Versus Gemcitabine Alone for Treatment of Advanced Biliary Tract Cancer in Japan. J Gastrointest Cancer., 48, 326-332 (2017).
  • Yamamoto Y, Watanabe K, Matsushita H, Tsukiyama I, Matsuura K, Wakatsuki A. Multivariate analysis of risk factors for cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity in gynecological cancer. J. Obstet. Gynaecol. Res., 43, 1880-1886 (2017).
  • Yoshida S, Suzuki A, Ohmori T, Niwa T, Okada H, Suzuki K, Kobayashi R, Doi T, Kitaichi K, Matsuura K, Murakami N, Ogura S, Itoh Y. A simplified chart for determining the initial loading dose of teicoplanin in critically ill patients. Pharmazie., 72, 53-57 (2017).
  • Yamamoto Y, Watanabe K, Tsukiyama I, Yabushita H, Matsuura K, Wakatsuki A. Hydration with 15 mEq Magnesium Is Effective at Reducing the Risk for Cisplatin-induced Nephrotoxicity in Patients Receiving Cisplatin (≥50 mg/m2) Combination Chemotherapy. Anticancer Res., 36, 1873-1877 (2016).
  • Ichie T, Urano K, Suzuki D, Okada T, Kobayashi N, Hayashi H, Sugiura Y, Yamamura K, Sugiyama T. Influence of cerebral fluid drainage on the pharmacokinetics of vancomycin in neurosurgical patients. Pharmazie., 70, 404-409 (2015).

Education and Research Division of Pharmacy

  • Makio Mogi, Ph.D.
  • Yoshifumi Takeda, Ph.D.
Topics of research
  • Bioequivalence studies of generic drugs
  • Clinical monitoring of nutrition management
  • Synthesis of bio-active heterocyclic compounds


Topics of research
  • specific amino acid metabolism in pediatric cancer disorders
  • new biomarker in Kawasaki disease or juvenile rheumatic disease
  • specific vasoactive substance in tumor metastatic niche
  • Morimoto A, Shioda Y, Imamura T, Kudo K, Kitoh T, Kawaguchi H, Goto H, Kosaka Y, Tsunematsu Y, Imashuku S. Intensification of induction therapy and prolongation of maintenance therapy did not improve the outcome of pediatric Langerhans cell histiocytosis with single-system multifocal bone lesions: results of the Japan Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis Study Group-02 Protocol Study. Int J Hematol., 108, 192-198 (2018).
  • Kitoh T, Kitagawa Y, Baba R, Kaneko A, Hayakawa T, Muto T, Okumura A, Murotani K, Kume N, Hamakubo T. Increased levels of plasma pentraxin 3 predict IVIG resistance and coronary artery lesion formation in patients with Kawasaki disease. Rheumatology, 56, Supplement 3 (2017).
  • Minoia F, Bovis F, Davi S, Insalaco A, Lehmberg K, Shenoi S, Weitzman S, Espada G, Gao Y J, Anton J, Kitoh T, Kasapcopur O, Sanner H, Merino R, Astigarraga I, Alessio M, Jeng M, Chasnyk V, Nichols K E, Huasong Z, Li C, Micalizzi C, Ruperto N, Martini A, Cron R Q, Ravelli A, Horne A. Development and Initial Validation of the Macrophage Activation Syndrome/Primary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Score, a Diagnostic Tool that Differentiates Primary Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis from Macrophage Activation Syndrome. J Pediatr., 189, 72-78 e3 (2017).
  • Ravelli A, Minoia F, Davi S, Horne A, Bovis F, Pistorio A, Arico M, Avcin T, Behrens EM, De Benedetti F, Filipovic L, Grom AA, Henter JI, Ilowite NT, Jordan MB, Khubchandani R, Kitoh T, Lehmberg K, Lovell DJ, Miettunen P, Nichols KE, Ozen S, Pachlopnik Schmid J, Ramanan AV, Russo R, Schnreider R, Sterba G, Uziel Y, Wallace C, Wouters C, Wulffraat N, Demirkaya E, Brunner HI, Martini A, Ruperto N, Cron RQ. 2016 Classification Criteria for Macrophage Activation Syndrome Complicating Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: A European League Against Rheumatism/American College of Rheumatology/Paediatric Rheumatology International Trials Organisation Collaborative Initiative. Ann Rheum Dis., 75, 481-489 (2016).
  • Ravelli A, Minoia F, Davi S, Horne A, Bovis F, Pistorio A, Arico M, Avcin T, Behrens EM, De Benedetti F, Filipovic A, Grom AA, Henter JI, Ilorwite NT, Jordan MB, Khubchandani R, Kitoh T, Lehmberg K, Lovell DJ, Miettunen P, Nichols KE, Ozen S, Pachlopnik Schmid J, Ramanan AV, Russo R, Schneider R, Sterba G, Uziel Y, Wallace C, Wouters C, Wulffraat N, Demirkaya E, Brunner HI, Martini A, Ruperto N, Cron RQ. Expert consensus on dynamics of laboratory tests for diagnosis of macrophage activation syndrome complicating systemic juvenile idiopathic arthritis. RMD Open., 2, e000161 (2016).