5th Asian Arden Conference 2013 Nagoya, 第5回 アジアアーデンカンファレンス

August 5-6, 2013 5th Asian Arden Conference

Pharmaceutical Materials Science and Engineering
- Characterization and Applications -

Organized by
The Academy of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Japan
(5th Asian Arden Conference Organizing Committee)

Co-organized by
The Nagai Foundation Tokyo
Nagoya Institute of Technology / Nagoya City University,
             Graduate School Collaborative Education Curriculum,
             Cooperative Major in Nanopharmaceutical Sciences

Purpose of this Conference

Organizing Committee

Conference Place

Plenary Lecture


Abstract submission
for poster presentation

Nagoya, 5th Asian Arden Conference 2013, 第5回 アジア アーデンカンファレンス

Conference secretariat
Tatsuaki Tagami, Ph.D, Nagoya City University ( 5thaac@phar.nagoya-cu.ac.jp )